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Mac Software I Recommend

In no particular order...


BBEdit is the most excellant text editor for Mac OS. I've been a paying user of BBEdit for over ten years. I have tried other text editors and, while some, such as everyone's current favorite, TextMate, are very good, they do not work as well as BBEdit for me. BBEdit integrates into the UNIX layer of Mac OS X. I can type bbedit <filename> in the temrinal and launch the file in BBEdit for editting.

Textwrangler is an excellant free alternative to BBEdit, and it's even made by the same company. Another great editor is Smultron.


CyberDuck is an open source FTP, SFTP, and WebDAV client for Mac OS X. It just works, and it's free. 'Nuff said.


Adium is the premier multi-protocol instant messagnger client for the Mac. It supports AIM, Yahoo, MSN, GogleTalk, and many other protocols. It's really nice to have only one client running versus four, and it's the only useful client for GoogleTalk on Mac OS X


I'm surprised myself that I am putting this suite on the list. However, it is a Mac list, and it is way better than OpenOffice (NeoOffice) for my needs. it goes without saying that I like it better than Microsoft Offie for Mac, although I have not had the pleasure of using the latest version (Office:Mac 2008) yet. Pages is quick and nimble, and Keynote does exactly what it is suppsoed to do without crashing.


My feelings for iLife are similar to those for iWork. These apps are just really good at what they do, and they make it easy for even beginners to accomplish sometimes difficult tasks.


Here's another one of those apps I've been using somewhere around ten years. It's reasonably priced ($35), uses Photoshop filters, and does nearly everything you could ask of an image editor. Add to that, it supports practically every image format under the sun.


This app is relatively new to the scene, but it may someday replace GraphicConverter for me. Right now though, I use both.


Intaglio removed any want or need I had to ever upgrade Adobe Illustrator again. This does everything I need for a vector based image program.

DevonThink Pro Office

This is th eonly way I keep organized. This is truly a document Management System for the masses.

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